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February Update
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Hey everyone! Winter is cruising along and I hope this message finds you healthy and happy! There are many shows in this first 10 days of February. It is certainly a lot to keep together both musically and promotionally. I … Read More

2020 Bulletin
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OK – In typical fashion, for many freelancers and creative types, my January is somewhat slow. I’m working on a bunch of ‘stuff’ and ‘things’ in the background here that will be manifesting themselves over this coming year. I am … Read More

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Greetings and salutations all you true believers (no matter what you believe in)! It has been a fantastic year from a learning, growing, and playing perspective. Every gig has allowed me to explore new avenues of musical expression, fresh compositional … Read More

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The Thanks have been given and continue to be perpetuated by our own attitudes for gratitude! Continuous support from family, loved ones, friends, colleagues, and YOU; inspires me and fuels my musical life. Thank you!!!! Atlantis Quartet just returned from … Read More

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October is upon us. Not much to share other than this run on sentence. Playing music is a fascinating and bizarre career path with many ups and downs that don’t always align with the norms of normalcy within the social … Read More

Summer’s going fast…. Bates Updates getting slower.
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I’m sorry. Bates Updates have been sporadic at best. I will do better. (there is no try) -cb Here’s what’s up with September. Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9-7, 8, 9  7pm  All Ages  TICKETS HERE      Davina and the Vagabonds … Read More

July already???? Dang.
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Hey everyone! It’s been a whirlwind here in Batesland with summer in full effect and I’m already thru Jazz Camp teaching season as well as the Twin Cities Jazz Fest! Highlights from the last month include teaching the Minneapolis Public … Read More

I wish I MAY. I wish, I PLAY.
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Hey everyone what’s happening?! I can only hope you are getting outside and enjoying this fantastic spring weather. It’s been a tremendous turnaround since we were deluged with that snowstorm a couple of weeks ago.  This month I’m keeping it … Read More

The Spring of our Discontent
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Well all the snow melted. Then it came back. And Old Man Winter laughs as our feeble minds attempt to reconcile. Indeed discontentedness is prevalent in all aspects of our lives. American politics is a shit show and the polarization … Read More

Bates Update – January 2018
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Big things being planned and executed for this year! Very smart people are involved, the smartest! No sad music will be played, only the best! We’ll break down the walls. Trust the Bates! XOXO GIGANTIC DOUBLEHEADER to kick off 2018! … Read More

The (Tall) Tale(s) of the Tape – 2017 Year End Update
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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all of you! I can’t thank you enough for being here and supporting my efforts to bring you quality, homegrown original music with the various ensembles I’m involved in. It is truly humbling. … Read More

December Bates Update
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Well it’s finally arriving tonight – winter. We’ll see how long it lasts this year. Hopefully I’ll get some deep stuff out of my head and onto a hard drive or a piece of manuscript paper. After that then it … Read More

The November Novella
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Winter is coming and so are some exciting changes in Batesland. Greetings magnificent humans! It’s been a long while since I updated the old blog-a-roonie and I apologize for that. I sometimes get lost in living life and not caring … Read More

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