Atlantis Quartet: Zacc Harris gtr, Brandon Wozniak ts, as, Pete Hennig dr.

RED5: JT Bates ds, Brandon Wozniak ts, Chris Thomson ts, ss, Zack Lozier tpt.

Good Vibes Trio: Dave Hagedorn vibes, Phil Hey dr.

Tall Tales: Dean Granros gtr, Zacc Harris gtr, Jay Epstein dr.

Red Planet: Dean Magraw gtr, Jay Epstein dr.

Framework: Chris Olson gtr, Jay Epstein dr.

Enormous: Chris Thomson ts, ss, Park Evans gtr, Joey Van Phillips dr.

Fall of the House of Usher: Chris Cunningham, Greg Schutte, Elliot Wachs, Adrian Larkin, Nathan Hanson, Jon Davis, Adam Svec, Greg Reese, Ivan Cunningham.

Sister Shaw: Kari & Megan Shaw, Doug Otto, Shane Akers & the Bates brothers.

Leisure Valley: Bruce Thornton cl, Patrick Harison accor, Joey Van Phillips dr.


Recent appearances with: Michael Attias, Joel Harrison, Daniel Kelly, Christian Howes, Bill Carrothers, Ari Hoenig, Anton Fier, John Medeski.

Selected Discography:

Pushing Chain: Pushing Chain (Kingswood)

Chris Bates’ Good Vibes Trio: S/T (technecore)

Atlantis Quartet: Expansion (shifting paradigm)

Chris Bates’ Red 5: New Hope (technecore)

Zacc Harris Group: The Garden (shifting paradigm)

Dave Olson – No October

Tony Hymas and The Bates Brothers – Blue Door (nato fr)

Atlantis Quartet; Lines in the Sand

Paula Lammers: Deep Purple Dreams

Matt Latterell; Charades

Dean Magraw’s Red Planet: Space Dust (gone jazz)

Luke Redfield: Ephemeral Eon (dream song)

Atlantis Quartet: Animal Progress

Klezmerica: RED

Ellen Lease / Pat Moriarty Quintet: Chance, Love, Logic (innova)

Framework: S/T (gone jazz)

Holly Long: Leaving Kansas

Kelly Rossum: Family (612 sides)

Claudia Schmidt: Live at the Dakota

Slide Huxtable: Return of Slide Huxtable

Kelly Rossum: Lines (612 sides)

Dave Hagedorn: Solid Liquid (artegra)

Peg Carrothers: Blue Skies (bridge boy)

Willie August Project: Dream Truths

Motion Poets: Lose Your Mind and Come to Your Senses (igmod)

Motion Poets: Standard of Living (igmod)

Motion Poets: Truth and Consequences (igmod)

The Soul of Gershwin – National Jewish Theatre
Raskol – Ten Thousand Things
Warm Beer, Cold Women – Guthrie Theatre