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bates update: bass camp looming, sure to be good vibes delivered to low blows
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It’s hard to say anything right now without fear. I’ve run the gamut in my own personal feelings on recent events from total despair to hate to love and back again. Over and over. We keep repeating ourselves by getting … Read More

UPDATE Doublebates at Jazz Festerooni! OHHH mac vouti!
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The Twin Cities Jazz Festival is the highlight of the summer for me! It is a hugely popular outdoor festival held in St Paul with performance stages spread across the city but centered in Mears Park in the vibrant lowertown … Read More

Bates Update Vote for Summer
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Well, well, well. All right, all right, all right. I’m way behind in the updating of my constituency and I apologize. This is in no way brought on by any one else except myself. So, now that we’ve cleared the … Read More

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