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December Bates Update
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Well it’s finally arriving tonight – winter. We’ll see how long it lasts this year. Hopefully I’ll get some deep stuff out of my head and onto a hard drive or a piece of manuscript paper. After that then it … Read More

The November Novella
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Winter is coming and so are some exciting changes in Batesland. Greetings magnificent humans! It’s been a long while since I updated the old blog-a-roonie and I apologize for that. I sometimes get lost in living life and not caring … Read More

mid July 2017
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It’s happening so fast! Mid summer is here and cruising by toot suite. I hope you’ve all been enjoying this spectacular season! I have been quite busy gigging, teaching and hanging with many friends, and family too. TONIGHT!!! Atlantis Quartet plays at Icehouse starting … Read More

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