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October is upon us. Not much to share other than this run on sentence. Playing music is a fascinating and bizarre career path with many ups and downs that don’t always align with the norms of normalcy within the social … Read More

Summer’s going fast…. Bates Updates getting slower.
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I’m sorry. Bates Updates have been sporadic at best. I will do better. (there is no try) -cb Here’s what’s up with September. Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9-7, 8, 9  7pm  All Ages  TICKETS HERE      Davina and the Vagabonds … Read More

July already???? Dang.
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Hey everyone! It’s been a whirlwind here in Batesland with summer in full effect and I’m already thru Jazz Camp teaching season as well as the Twin Cities Jazz Fest! Highlights from the last month include teaching the Minneapolis Public … Read More

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